MACH Triple T Cooper
AKA Super Cooper!!  Cooper is an accomplished athlete and a devoted companion.  In agility he is an enthusiastic and dedicated agility partner and is currently working towards his MACH.  Cooper is extremely obedient and eager to please, and is successful and reliable both on and off the agility arena.  He is a constant companion to Susie, following her everywhere and quietly laying by her feet.  He loves to work and has great training recall, lending himself a helpful hand around the house.  Cooper retrieves water bottles from the cupboard, fetches the newspaper and puts away his toys upon command.  He even retrieves Susie's purse from upstairs when asked.  Cooper is a well rounded dog, he enjoys agility, frisbee, dock diving, herding and swimming with his characteristic intensity and drive.  Susie says Cooper is the most devoted and affectionate dog she has ever had - a once in a lifetime dog!
Cooper's first day herding, he was just a pup.